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Hello, Parents! I'm Susie Walton. I am the author of the book, Key to Personal Freedom: Myths that Affect Our Family Lives, and have been a certified parent instructor for over 23 years. I am also the mother of 4 sons, and grandmother to 6. I was one of 10 children, myself, have 42 nieces and nephews, and 40 grandnieces and grandnephews! Let's just say I have A LOT of professional and personal experience in this field!

More recently, I am the creator of The Joy of Parenting Online Course, a parenting e-course that will empower you with the tools to raise resilient, respectful, HAPPY CHILDREN.

I'm about to share with you how to deal with all the modern parenting problems that challenge us today. After my 23+ years of teaching and coaching parents, I've seen the same issues come up over and over again, along with some new issues that go along with today's digital age-- like too much tv and video games, social media, bullying of all kinds, and more. We simply cannot raise children in the same way our parents raised us. 

Just like we update our computer software, it's time for us to update our parenting skills. My Joy of Parenting Online Course is that upgrade.

I know what you're going through right now.

I've been there. I was a single mother raising four boys and what I was doing wasn't working. I yelled so much that my sons would dogpile me and nicknamed me "Brubaker" after the prison warden in the movies! I wasn't as effective as I wanted to be... until I decided to transform my family by seeking out parenting training for myself.

That moment was a turning point for me, and I truly believe the Joy of Parenting Online Course can be the turning point for you.

I've created the Joy of Parenting Online Course for busy parents just like you. It's 6 sessions of video content, 1 session a week, plus 6 weekly group coaching calls. You can access these videos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week-- so no need to rearrange your already hectic schedules or secure childcare. 

Contributing Village of Experts

This is one of the most complete and full parenting courses out there today. Thanks to the following leading experts in their field, who have contributed and/or helped me shape the content of the Joy of Parenting:
  • Pam Dunn, President and Founder of Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company
  • James O'Dea, Author, activist, and lead faculty for the Shift Network’s Peace Ambassador Training 
  • Donna Eden, Author of Energy Medicine and Founder of Eden Energy Medicine
  • Jim Steyer, Author of The Other Parent and Talking Back to Facebook, founder of media awareness website
  • Jon Young, Author of What the Robin Knows and Wilderness Mentor
  • Jodi Komitor, Co-Author of The Complete idiot's Guide to Yoga with Kids and founder of the country's first ever yoga studio for children, Next Generation Yoga
  • Terry Liskevych, former Coach of the US Women's National Volleyball Team, having coached at university and Olympic levels
  • Jeff Everage, ex Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, and co-founder of

 As you can see, with all these experts contributing to the content, this is a fully packed, and truly diverse course.

Meet Carmen- A Success Story

Now let's meet Carmen. A graduate of the Joy of Parenting Course, who is now a dear friend and Joy of Parenting Instructor.

One day, I received a call from Carmen, a frustrated mother of 3 teenagers who felt that she was losing the battle-- she wasn't connecting with her children, they weren't getting along, and she was struggling. I happened to be teaching a class that very night, and she signed up on the spot. After a full day's work, Carmen got in her car and made the drive all the way from Temecula to La Jolla-- a commute of an hour (more with traffic).

From the very first session, Carmen was fully engaged, absorbing this new approach to parenting. Every week she came back with success story after success story, about how she was repairing the relationship with her children. After she graduated from the course, she knew she had to spread the Joy of Parenting to everyone she could. She became a certified instructor and now teaches the Joy of Parenting in Temecula, in both English and Spanish.

Since then, 2 of her children have moved out and spread their wings as adults, and her relationships with all of them is as solid as they've ever been.


  1. Do I address media & screentime? With 24/7 access to the world through media, this issue is more important than ever. You'll learn how to teach your kids how to manage their own screen times, resulting in kids who aren't binging on media all day and who also have the life skills of self-moderation and time-management.
  2. Do you address bullying? Yes, I will give you the tools to teach your kids they don't have to be the bully OR the victim. 
  3.  Do you address permissive parenting? You'll learn how to be both firm and kind, effectively modeling to your children how to set and stick to their own boundaries for a lifetime.
  4. Do you address helicopter parenting? You'll learn the importance of letting go, resulting in more self-sufficient kids!
  5. Can you help with teens and tweens? It's never too late-- learn the best ways to connect with older kids. They want to turn to you with their trials. They want your guildance. You'll learn how to connect with them now, so they feel like you are someone they can turn to, even if you're just starting now.
  6. Can you help me discipline my toddlers who aren't even verbal yet? Absolutely! I teach you the actions that speak louder than words, so you can get your message out clearly whether they are tots or teens.
  7. Do you address fighting & sibling rivalry?  You will learn the reason behind fighting and what to do when it does happen (because it will!). As a result, your kids will learn how to deal with conflict respectfully and peacefully.
  8. I can't get my kids to do anything without bribing them first. Can you help? I speak extensively about praise, rewards, & entitlement. After this class, you'll get your kids motivated with internal rewards instead of external rewards. 
  9. All I do is yell. How can I stop? Well, spanking and yelling are temporary band-aid fixes to your disciplinary issues. They don't help long-term, and in fact, can cause a lot of long-term harm. I teach you kinder, more EFFECTIVE alternatives to these outdated, and overall ineffective, methods.
  10. I'm a parent who likes things to be done perfectly. All the time. What about me? This course is definitely for you perfectionist moms and dads out there. You will learn how to be more accepting of mistakes, yours and your children's, because after all, mistakes are beautiful opportunities to learn. As a result your kids won't shy away from challenges!

Parent from the Heart

I explore all these common modern parenting issues above, but I go far beyond; I speak to the heart of the parent and the child. 23 years of experience has shown me the deep need the world has for this whole-person approach to parenting. Children are stressed and bombarded with mixed messages from the media, and parents are overwhelmed. We need to connect with our children from the heart.

That is why I created this online parenting course, so that I can reach as many families as possible, regardless of location or schedule constraints.

The Joy of Parenting Online is accesible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, internationally. All you need is a computer or mobile device and a working internet connection!

AND I'm throwing in several irresistible bonuses to go with it. Are you guys ready to take in EVERYTHING you'll receive with this package?

The Joy of Parenting Online Package

  • The full Joy of Parenting Online Course, including 6 weeks worth of instruction-- over 20 videos! $197 value.
  • Downloadable Workbook, complete with review assignments, supplemental reading, and tips to try at home to reinforce what you've been learning within the course. $10 value.
  • Key to Personal Freedom: How Myths Affect Our Family Lives e-book. This is the book that I wrote, which serves as the text for The Joy of Parenting Online Course. $15 value.
  • Live Weekly Coaching Calls that will be focused solely on YOUR QUESTIONS! I will be devoting one day a week (for the first few weeks) to address the questions that you send in or ask live. Personal coaching, while well-worth the money, can cost into the hundreds per session. Here you can take part in six of these calls!
  • Redirecting Children’s Behavior Online Course, the first parenting video course I taught. (If you already have an active account, you may gift this to a friend.) $97 value.
  • Access to My Summer Webinar Series The series is made up of eight (8!!!) previously recorded workshops where I discussed some of the most challenging issues for today's parent. $160 value if purchased separately.
  • John Young's audio series, The Art of Mentoring. This expert in the nature based coaching offers this exclusive audio content. This type of coaching can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Navy SEAL Jeff Everage's Fathering Coaching Series- This video ecourse is in development, and you will be the first to experience it. $197 value.
  • Movement for Balance & Joy, exercise booklet from Jim Wedman of Eden Energy Medicine. These exercises found in the handbook are grounding, energizing, and balancing! Teach and do with your children!
  • Worksheets & Resources from Common Sense Media to help you make informed decisions about the "media diet" you choose for your child. This bundle includes a Media Family Media Agreement for Grades K-5!
  • Mini Lesson from National and Olympic volleyball coach, Terry Liskevych about how to get the most of kids in sports. A must-watch if you have or plan on having kids participate in sports!
  • Mini Lesson on How to Get Kids to Listen from Debbie Zeichner, LCSW. Encourage cooperation with these quick positive parenting  tips.

There are a lot of books on the market that claim to tell you how to raise smarter, more successful kids. But what about raising happier kids? Happier kids by nature are more "successful" because they go out in the world with great passion, not shying away from challenges, and learning from their mistakes! This is priceless-- and you can get all that with this package!

If you've done the math, then you'll see that the value of the Joy of Parenting Package is well over $1000.

As a special thank you for your support and inspiration, I will be offering my Joy of Parenting Online Course, plus all these incredible bonus gifts to you for ONLY $197.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee for the price paid, if you're not satisfied!

 It is my hope to provide a great value to you while giving your parenting skills a healthy, fresh, feel-good boost of energy. Your children are your greatest joys! Rediscover the Joy of Parenting them today.

I hope to see you soon, from the inside of the course,

Susie Walton

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